The Lethal Ladies

Written by Boris Sobelman, from stories by Joseph Payne Brennan
Directed by Ida Lupino
Starring Rosemary Murphy and Howard Morris
Originally aired on April 16, 1962

This episode features two titillating tales of terror. In the first, when an unhappy wife and her husband try to murder each other, both are inadvertently successful. And in the second, a new library director tries to fire a longtime employee, but to his dismay, he learns just how well the woman really knows her job.

Ida Lupino was one of the few female directors working in Hollywood during the early days of television. Her ample body of work includes not only several episodes of Thriller but also episodes of genre classics such as The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bewitched, Gilligan's Island, and The Ghost & Mrs. Muir.

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