Written by Charles Beaumont, from a story by Cornell Woolrich
Directed by Ida Lupino
Starring Robert Middleton, Alejandro Rey, and Danielle de Metz
Originally aired on September 26, 1961

A man awaiting execution believes he will be freed if the appointed executioner dies before the sentence can be carried out.

This episode is based on a story by Cornell Woolrich, whose story "It Had to Be Murder" was the basis of the classic Hitchcock film Rear Window (1954). Ida Lupino was one of the few female directors working in Hollywood during the early days of television. Her ample body of work includes not only several episodes of Thriller but also episodes of genre classics such as The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Bewitched. Alejandro Rey is best known for his role as Carlos Ramirez in TV's The Flying Nun, though he also appeared in episodes of classic TV shows such as Night Gallery and The Bionic Woman and in the made-for-TV horror flick Satan's Triangle (1975).

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