The Grim Reaper

Written by Robert Bloch, from a story by Harold Lawlor
Directed by Herschel Daugherty
Starring William Shatner, Natalie Schafer, Scott Merill, Elizabeth Allen,
      and Henry Daniell
Originally aired on June 13, 1961

Legend has it that a lurid painting of the Grim Reaper is cursed and will bring a violent demise to anyone who owns it.

Robert Bloch's darkly humorous script is the highlight of this episode, though the histrionic performances from Natalie Schafer (best known as Mrs. Howell in TV's Gilligan's Island) and William Shatner (Star Trek 's Captain Kirk) certainly underscore the fun. As a bonus, Henry Daniell also makes a brief appearance. British-born Daniell built his Hollywood career playing wonderfully weird or wicked characters in films such as The Great Dictator (1940), The Body Snatcher (1945), and The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959) and in TV shows such as Lights Out and Peter Gunn.

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