Pigeons from Hell

Written by John Kneubuhl, from a story by Robert E. Howard
Directed by John Newland
Starring Brandon DeWilde, Crahan Denton, David Whorf, and Ottola Nesmith
Originally aired on June 6, 1961

Car trouble forces two young brothers to spend a terrifying night in a dilapidated and seemingly abandoned Louisiana manor house.

Based on a short story by Robert E. Howard—the same guy who created Conan the Barbarian—this episode of Thriller is consistently cited by series fans as one of their top favorites. Principal player Brandon DeWilde also starred in a deliciously morbid episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"—the only episode of that show withheld from broadcast until the series went into syndication—and he appeared opposite famous horror star Vincent Price in the notable Night Gallery episode "The Class of '99." A promising young actor, DeWilde died at the age of thirty in an auto accident in 1972.

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