Choose a Victim

Written by George Bellak
Directed by Richard Carlson
Starring Larry Blyden and Susan Oliver
Originally aired on January 24, 1961

A beautiful young woman develops a relationship with a beach bum, then manipulates the situation so that he will take the fall for the murder of her uncle.

Star Trek fans will recognize Susan Oliver as the blonde (and sometimes green-skinned) beauty who seduces Captain Pike in the "The Cage," the original pilot for the groundbreaking sci-fi series. Others will remember Oliver from her later stint on TV's Peyton Place. And serious genre fans may already know that director Richard Carlson is also the actor who portrayed Dr. David Reed in the classic monster movie Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). In addition to directing this Thriller entry, Carlson stars in the second-season episode titled "Kill My Love."

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