Man in the Cage

Written by Maxwell Shane and Stuart Jerome, from a novel by Jack Vance
Directed by Gerald Mayer
Starring Philip Carey, Guy Stockwell, Barry Gordon, Eduardo Ciannelli
      and Diana Millay
Originally aired on January 17, 1961

While searching in Morocco for his missing brother, a man stumbles onto a scheme involving drugs and murder.

Philip Carey is best known as a cast member of the soap opera One Life to Live, in which he portrayed Texan patriarch Asa Buchanan for nearly twenty-eight years. Diana Millay is known to horror fans for her stint on TV's Dark Shadows: she played Laura Collins, the Phoenix-like woman who dies a fiery death every 100 years but always rises from the ashes of her own demise. And though Guy Stockwell appeared in many films and TV shows over the years, genre fans know him best for his role as the knife-throwing Orgo in Alejandro Jodorowsky's cult thriller Santa Sangre (1989).

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