The Hungry Glass

Written by Douglas Heyes, from a story by Robert Bloch
Directed by Douglas Heyes
Starring William Shatner, Russell Johnson, Joanna Heyes, Elizabeth Allen,
      and Donna Douglas
Originally aired on January 3, 1961

Ignoring local superstition and the stories of hauntings, a young photographer and his wife follow through on their plans to purchase a long-abandoned seaside home.

Donna Douglas, who later earned fame as Elly May Clampett on TV's The Beverly Hillbillies, makes a short but notable appearance at the beginning of the hour, but the interesting performances by William Shatner (Star Trek's Captain Kirk) and Russell Johnson (the Professor on Gilligan's Island) are the true highlights of this eerie episode. The script is based on a story by Robert Bloch, the same man who penned the novel on which Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) is based.

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