The Fatal Impulse

Written by Philip MacDonald
Directed by Gerald Mayer
Starring Conrad Nabel, Robert Lansing, Elisha Cook, and Mary Tyler Moore
Originally aired November 29, 1960

A domestic terrorist admits to having randomly placed a bomb into the purse of an unwitting passer-by, and police detectives work frantically to find the woman before the bomb detonates.

Fans of classic television will easily recognize Mary Tyler Moore, who appears here in a minor role that antedates her star-making stint on The Dick Van Dyke Show by barely a year. Robert Lansing should also be a familiar face: in addition to starring in a few series of his own, he's had major guest roles in everything from the original Star Trek to the more recent Law & Order. And aficionados of classic film noir will have no problem "fingering" Elisha Cook as the same guy who played gunman Wilmer Cook in The Maltese Falcon (1941).

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